Our Team

 Stephanie Petrella Headshot

Stephanie Petrella

 Linda Moreland  Headshot

Linda Moreland

Executive Vice President
 Greg Marcozzi Headshot

Greg Marcozzi

Creative Director
 Sandy Overa Headshot

Sandy Overa

Director of Contracts, Finance and Human Resources
Teri Moss Headshot

Teri Moss

Public Relations Manager
 Danielle Lloyd Headshot

Danielle Lloyd

Senior Project Manager
 Lesli Leath Headshot

Lesli Leath

Project Manager
 Joy Hamilton Headshot

Joy Hamilton

Project Manager
 Liliana Pena Headshot

Liliana Peña

Assistant Project Manager
 Kieran O'Connell Headshot

Kieran O’Connell

Assistant Project Manager
 Gerry Frey Headshot

Gerry Frey

Brand Specialist
 Susan Hassman Headshot

Susan Hassman

Brand Specialist
 Danielle Minster Headshot

Danielle Minster

Brand Specialist
 Joe Buscemi Headshot

Joe Buscemi

Brand Specialist
 Krysta Sianni Headshot

Krysta Sianni

Customer Service Representative
 June Dalecki Headshot

June Dalecki

Customer Service Representative
 Jesse Shipe Headshot

Jesse Shipe

Webmaster/Graphic Designer
 Emily Ferguson Headshot

Emily Ferguson

Graphic Designer/Production
Phil Iacona Headshot

Phil Iacona

Graphic/Web Designer
 Tami Reilly Headshot

Tami Reilly

 Matt Quimby Headshot

Matt Quimby

Warehouse/Logistics Manager
 Anna Petrella Headshot

Anna Petrella

Administrative Support
 Dogs: Molly, Piper, and Diasy

Molly, Piper and Daisy

Attitude Adjustment Specialists

Not pictured:

Jaime Vrabel - Project Manager
Peggy Sianni - Customer Support